Moka Pot vs French Press: All you Need to Be Aware in 2022

moka pot vs french press

Who wins at a Moka Pot vs French Press Contrast?

Two traditional brewing methods we focus on are basically similar. First of all, it’s because they are familiar to all people who love coffee. Second, the main principle of their work is similar as rather hot water goes through coffee grounds. But that’s all that unites them.

So, when you choose between these machines, you should consider several factors. Surely, the point of utmost importance is some taste you will get finally. Moka pots could produce coffee that is bold, is having robust flavor, could be praised for being rich in its taste and caffeine (which matters a lot for me, at least), which makes many customers compare it to other kinds of that marvelous drink like espresso (although this is not espresso authentically).

Moka Pot

Have you heard that Moka pot coffee machines could be also used in case you desire to acquire some mixed drinks like cappuccino or latte?

If it concerns the French press, it would produce coffee, weaker in caffeine content, but rather fragrant and delicious. These machines could help you taste different varieties, the flavor being more sophisticated and complex if any client could compare it with Moka pot coffee makers.

The Best Brew for Coffee Lovers

Moka pot and cups on table

An Insight into Italian History

The best and most valuable point to check. Moka pot, stovetop espresso being another name for it, is quite a commonly-used coffee maker in many families who are there in Europe.

Have you ever heard of Alfonso Bialetti who could invent it in 1933? Such invention deserves Oscar prize because until now some Parisians cannot find a more attractive option.

Have you ever heard the name does not oftentimes determine nature?

That’s what we have in this situation. A surprising story is that French Press is also originally Italian. In spite of its name. Sounds strange. Unbelievable. But it turns to be true.

While somebody analyses statistics, we could inform you that this plunger’s inventor was a great and genius person, Paolini Ugo. But his method turned to have been patented only in 1929 by Attilio Calimani, the Italian designer.

Moka Pot vs French Press: a Cool Brewing Method to be Used

The main principle of the work for Moka pots is as follows: your coffee is there under a certain type of pressure, although that kind of impact is lower than for brewing such drink as espresso. Using this method you could receive a portion of strong drink any person on our planet may dream of. If you could get a chance to acquire some skills to brew you could make your mother-in-law feel the creamy nature of your masterpiece and amaze the other guests (if you have any, except the best woman in your wife’s family).

You should keep in mind the understanding that the French Press would extract very nuanced flavors and a full-bodied feel due to the steeping process.

Not only we have specified tastes as a result, but we should also catch what is more appreciated. By our family members. And it is mostly the matter of personal likes or dislikes which coffee maker shall be the one that would meet your high demands.

Many experts offer customers to try both of them to learn usage details and to feel their peculiarities, including specific flavor this or that coffee maker provides, the brew time each item requires, the quality of ground coffee that may be used.

Thus, the French Press could provide a magnificent aromatic blend, whereas Moka pot models give your visitors strong coffee. And these are good alternatives worth being considered. Still, you are to make a solution what drink: bold coffee or milder method you are choosing now.

 Moka Pot

Overview for that Great Moka Pot you may Wish to Buy


Classic, as well as the vintage look, can make many girls amazed.

Construction of Moka Pot: Learn the Details!

Moka pots are not so big (you may hope they will not occupy your kitchen space crucially), made of metal, and turn to be stove-top coffee brewers. They consist of three chambers. The lower part becomes heated and is filled with some water, the filter basket is for coffee grounds, and the top piece or part is used to collect the brewed coffee. Steam could be released through a spout in the upper chamber.

Principles of Work

When you make the water hotter in the bottom part of that device, and water starts boiling, rising as steam and penetrating through coffee grounds, that kind of steam pressure makes the water go up through the ground coffee. The content becomes saturated but continues to get higher temperatures, and the extracted coffee is eventually transferred into the top part.

So, you see, when water is there to boil and, being steam, rises through a ground coffee layer, and then passes into the second part of that cute device for finished coffee, before spilling into an upper chamber as bold coffee reminding some result between drip coffee machine or apparatus for espresso could bring to you.

Fans appreciate such brewing methods because of the intensity and good strength of coffee, as well as the elevated degree of individual customization that may be available for users during brewing.

Moka Pot Instruction

1. The first step to do is to fill the lower chamber with water. Not exceeding the safety release level.

2. Use a metal filter.

3. Pour ground beans which are fine in accordance with fine standards on the metal filter.

4. Screw the above part of Moka Pot good enough not to lose it.

5. Place the Moka pot over a heat source, for example, your gas stove or camping fire.

6. Wait until the water starts boiling and its steam causes enough pressure for you to extract your end product.

French Press Overview

French Press


The French Press is referred to as a kind of traditional brewing device, straightforward and relatively inexpensive. Some models could have plastic, metal, or glass parts.


That brewing machine has some parts such as a carafe and a plunger that fits enough well into the carafe. The plunger is an item four parts included: a shaft lid that extends to the bottom of the carafe, a perforated metal plate for coffee to flow through, a metal mesh filter which we need for coffee grounds not to get out, and a solid bottom piece that should be screwed with the shaft and keep the spare filter parts together.

Principles of Work

Coarsely ground coffee is suspended in a hot water. The steeping process takes not so much time for extraction to be achieved. 4 to 5 minutes on average. Brewing finished, the next step is to follow. A plunger with a mesh filter shall be pressed into the container to push the content to the bottom and separate grounds from your strong coffee.

Step-by-step Instruction for French Press Use

1. Boil water.

2. Grind the coffee beans to coarse grind size. It’s important for them to be freshly ground but coarse enough to have a high-quality drink as a result.

3. Add the grounds and pour hot water.

4. Bloom the mixture for 45 seconds and then stir it.

5. Steep the coffee for at least 4 minutes.

6. Push down the plunger to filter coffee.

So, you see, Moka pots produce coffee using pressure (like espresso machine) while French press makes coffee by steeping coarse coffee grounds using hot water.

Moka Pots vs French Press Coffee Machines: Pros and Cons

Moka Pluses for Customers

For people who may not imagine their life without coffee, this device is great for both camping trips or outdoor excursions. The fact these pots are usually made of strong steel or aluminum materials makes them almost indestructible.

Flavored and robust drink guaranteed. One more plus is affordable prices.

Moka Pots’ Disadvantages

Only one kind of coffee may be received. And oftentimes these Moka pots have small serving sizes. Some housekeepers also emphasize that these things are more difficult to be cleaned than a French press.

Using French Press vs Moka

French Press is an awesome option for you if to focus on brew size. You know, the smallest coffee maker like that will make at least one 8-ounce cup while the larger models could make at least a dozen coffee cups. You won’t feel any problem making more if you need it, because all you have to do is to add more coffee and water. Still, to get better and more predictable results you need to be precise and add water coefficiently to dry coffee. For example, the 15:1 ratio is considered to be the best proportion to follow.

French press gives you a chance to prepare any quantity of your adorable drink, depending on the maximum batch size. Let us say that even if you own a 12-cups’ device, you could make two cups only. Sometimes it is very essential to be able to adapt the batch size. Especially if you wish or need varying quantities on every occasion of yours.

But to pot Moka coffee you always need to adapt to the amount your device may allow. Remember coffee quality becomes worse in case you attempt to get less than six cups while using a six-cup pot. So, when customers choose their Moka pot, they are to be attentive and consider the quantity they finally want. Otherwise, they would have the same number of cups, having no choice in flexibility.

French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee Made with Moka Pot vs French Press: Which Cup of Coffee is Better

Coffee Flavor

Moka pot is based on the pressure principle to brew coffee. You get a more concentrated brew than drip or French press could get.

French Press provides a higher variety because flavors and oils that beans roast are explored. From time to time leaving oily mouthfeel without additional flavor.

Content of Caffeine

Moka pots would produce robust drinks rich both in taste and caffeine.

Coffee produced with French press contains less caffeine, but it is rather flavorsome. In case you would like to feel more diversity, the French press can turn to be more acceptable for you.

Useful Features

french press on the heater

Brew Time

The factor of coffee making procedure is time-consuming is rather important for many customers. Let’s go further and explore the details.

When we deal with a Moka pot, most time is taken by boiling water. But the process of extraction itself does not demand much time. But never leave your pot unwatched, otherwise, you risk getting bitter coffee. You could prepare your grounds well in advance, as a result, 10 minutes is the maximum you will need to get a fine espresso-like beverage.

When one of the methods you desire to apply is the French press, unfortunately, you cannot get your coffee batch prepared in good time. The fresher, the better. That is the way to follow. The steeping and plunging process itself takes approximately 5 minutes. And even if you are very organized, it is 10-15 minutes’ occupation.

So, Moka pot brew would take less time to get your coffee made.

Easy to Use

Speaking frankly, both brewing methods are rather simple. The only thing you should pay special attention to is the grind size for you to avoid over or under extraction. For Moka, the ideal size corresponds to table salt, but for your French Press, you need a coarse grind.

Still, you should remember Moka pot users are to be proficient coffee-making specialists because using Moka pot is a little bit more challenging.

Easy to Clean

What concerns cleanup, you should avoid cleaning your Moka pot when it is still hot. The following procedure is simple enough. Just throw out the used grounds and rinse them with cold water.

Mesh filters aimed at trapping the coffee grounds are used in French presses, and it could make the cleaning more complex. A little bit.

moka pot on the fire


Moka pots, especially smaller ones, have quite affordable prices. This is meaningful if you are looking for something not so expensive but functional.

However, you may find a wide range of coffee makers at different prices in both segments.


Is Moka Pot or French Press more suitable for a big family?

That is a good question. Moka pots are cheaper, especially smaller models. But that’s what could be a minus for a big family. Because the fact a small portion of coffee could be produced at once means your mother (or whoever is responsible for making coffee for your folks) is to use it several times to please everybody with a mug of delicious coffee they will be so grateful for.

However, French presses could provide you bigger portions, and you may find it more convenient for a big family.

I am an active conservationist. For me, it’s essential that all things I use are environmentally friendly. What would you recommend?

There are a lot of French presses made of glass and plastic, still, some are of stainless steel. But Moka pots always come in an aluminum or steel variant. However, if you keep the thing like that for years, no environmental threats exist.

Would Moka Pot and French Press bring different coffee?

Certainly, they would. In fact, the Moka pot method to get coffee could be compared with using an espresso Moka pot (espresso machine). And you will enjoy a magnificent cup of robust coffee.

But the French press is your go-to coffee maker if you want to get a cup of full-bodied and full-flavor coffee that is one of the strongest you can get with any coffee apparatus able to make coffee.

How much important is grind size to use? Could it impact the result?

It’s important to use coarse ground for the French Press brewing method. Grind your beans carefully to get an ideal result.

Which is Better: French Press Coffee or Moka Pot Coffee

moka pot vs french press

We have tried to cover all the details of these brewing methods.

It’s for you to make conclusions and go shopping NOW!

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We hope this Moka Pot vs French Press Review was useful for you and could help you make a reasonable choice!

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