Aeropress vs Pour Over: Customers’ Choice Which Better on 2022

aeropress vs pour over

It doesn’t matter why you want this contrast, after reading this article you are going to be certain in deciding that wins the AeroPress vs Pour Over java conflict.

Great coffee is what millions of people enjoy having every morning. And, surely, one of the first questions which reasonably arises is the proper choice of brewing method to use, better coffee machine to buy or grind size to choose.

Manual brewing methods available now give coffee lovers a lot of choices what concerns all these aspects, but, you know, there are some peculiarities that need special attention of users for them to be fully satisfied with their coffee taste and odor, and cost-efficiency of the coffee making machine they select.



Aeropress vs Pour Over: Pros and Cons in Details

AeroPress vs Pour Over coffer machines…

Why do these two come to be competitors? At least in many reviews available online these two methods of making coffee usually come together. It seems to me, the main idea here is to provide a reasonable customer with more details before he or she starts brewing coffee worthy of the highest praise.

Aeropress vs Pour Over: Overview

AeroPress vs. a pour-over coffee brewing device comparison shall be started with the fact that the former provides fuller-bodied coffee. Any pour coffee maker like V60 or Chemex will help you get fresh and fragrant coffee. But one important thing to notice is the process of making coffee with pour over devices will take at least twice more time than Aeropress requires.

What else, you need to be enough skilled to choose the correct water tempera

ture, determine the proportions of coffee and hot water, and be careful enough to follow the procedure exactly, being fully involved all the time.

Aeropress provides you more variability and flexibility because a simple method (similar to that used for the French press) gives no chance for failures even if you do it for the first time in your life.

Fantasy inspired, you could create your own recipes. Iced coffee or cappuccino. Or make something unique.

Aeropress Device Description

Generally speaking, AeroPress Coffee Maker is a kind of a manual brewer. It’s easy to use, because all you need to do is to set coffee grounds in a coffee chamber, add hot water, let the content soak for a minute and then press a plunger, and you will have your marvelous coffee in your mug.

It opens the way to experiments because you could use either traditional or inverted brewing methods and find some ideal taste you adore by trying different grind sizes or water temperatures.


A full-immersion presupposes an extraction process going on until with the help of this inverted technique you will get the cup of a beverage ideal for you. Paper filters go with Aeropress, but in case you wish to have a stronger flavor and mouthfeel, they could be substituted for metal ones.

French Press vs Aeropress Description

Brewing with AeroPress is often compared with French press use. The techniques of making your drink are similar: adding appropriate portions of components and pushing the plunger is all you need to do.

Although there are some differences, for sure. Many people say that Aeropress is the next step for French press users, especially if they strive for some new tastes, for example,  iced coffee or they just want their coffee taste to be more sensitive and delicate.

Consider also the fact that in Aero Press coffee also goes through a paper-made filter, which allows using a fine grind. So, brewing takes less time in comparison with other equipment like a pour over brewer.

Moreover, its plunger provides more even pressure because during the filtration water is pushed through the grounds with an air layer.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour over coffee makers are based on principles similar to automatic drip. But manual control gives you a chance to have 100 percent management of the process. But full involvement of the user results in complexity of pour over method as well.

It really makes a great difference not only in how much coffee and how much water you need to take but also in how hot the water itself should be and how exactly it is necessary to pour the water onto the coffee. That’s why they say that for beginners it’s not easy to master this brewing principle. And achieve success quickly.

Aeropress vs Pour Over Coffee Making: Advantages

The Best Brewing Approach

Some people believe that their cup of coffee will be better or worse depending on the pour over or Aeropress technique used. To some extent, they are right. Because fans of the coffee worldwide use all possible approaches to get maximum of their brewing machines. They clearly understand that having a cup of fresh ground coffee is nothing to compare to.

In fact, lots of factors shall be considered.


Do you take your drink strong? In case you don’t, Aeropress could be used to brew concentrated coffee for it to be diluted later on. However, the magnificent aroma and taste you get when water passes through ground coffee are the things that make so many people coffee addicts. So, diluting may turn to be not the best idea to follow.

You can top up the AeroPress base with milk as well.

Aeropress and Pour: Better Coffee for Coffee Fans

It does not matter so much what kind of coffee fan you are. The options we consider here would give you wide opportunities to choose something to meet your greatest demands.

What concerns Aeropress, you could get a full-bodied coffee in a traditional way. Or you may use an inverted method and eventually find out some exotic recipe that would keep your relatives and guests amazed.

Some flavors like nuts, fruit, figs, or must add would enrich the original aroma and make the moments you spend with the cup of your favorite drink awesome. The flexibility and variability provided with this brewing technique are worth being considered by all coffee lovers. You may be sure the taste Aeropress provides when you brew coffee would meet your brightest expectations.

What about pour over brewing, it requires concentration and skills of an expectation. In case you only start using it try to be patient. To achieve satisfactory results you’ll have to take lots of attempts and become proficient. Nevertheless, results are worth the process. The drink you will make may turn to be unique and exceptional.

Another essential aspect we should keep in mind is the amount of beverage you would like to get. While the maximum capacity of Aeropress is one or two cups of fragrant coffee per time, some pour-over brewing devices could be a better alternative for a big company. For instance, 6 cups of coffee are available with Hario V60, and you could brew 10 cups of coffee at once with a Chemex machine.

Brew Time

Aeropress used, you could get a cup of coffee or any other drink made by your own recipe in about 2 minutes. Another great plus is that you will not need to control the process every moment. You will have your coffee beans brewed without any effort.

Pour overuses the same principles as an automatic drip coffee. That means a pour over brew will take about 4 minutes, as well as any automatic dripper. A very important thing to notice is the proper proportion of your ingredients and the quality of coffee. It matters if it is fine or coarse. Otherwise, brew time may vary greatly.

Aeropress vs Pour: Which is Easier to Use

Lots of people are so busy today, they are in a constant rush, they value every minute they have so much… they wish to save their time (and, surely, money) in any way possible.

It’s perfect to have a cup of coffee in the morning. Especially if you get your ground coffee made fast and fresh. So, many customers expect their home appliances to be so easy as ABC.

That’s what Aeropress options provide you with. Easy to use. The traditional or inverted method used, it takes almost no time to make coffee. You don’t need to study and follow complex instructions.


Just use your grinder, add the beans and pour water, and just press the plunger down. That’s all you need to do to make a cup of high-quality and fresh coffee.

Pour over brewing requires more attention and engagement of a coffee world fan. And, certainly, excellence of a master. Learned skills acquired, you could start treating your friends and relative with pour-made masterpieces of yours.

Aeropress vs Pour Over Coffee Brewer: Which is Easier to Clean

One of the greatest advantages of AeroPress is that it demands very little clean-up. Surely, it doesn’t mean doing anything absolutely.

Every home appliance needs at least elementary cleaning.  You should always clean your brewing equipment thoroughly when you have finished brewing. No doubt.

But all you need to do is dumping the leftover puck and rinsing out the pieces. Coffee grounds don’t get as wet as they do in other coffee makers if you use the traditional (not inverted) method. So, disposing of them is rather simple.

Cleaning Pour Over does not bring problems either. Pour over coffee cleanup depends on the set-up, but some can be cleaned by throwing out the filters and giving it a simple rinse.

Suitable for Beginners

Aeropress Details

Aeropress instructions could be learned in half an hour. Some intuitive users could master the skills of brewing with this device without any assistance. Whatever you need to understand is how to press down a plunger. And you’ll get a perfect drink in less than 2 minutes.

Skills you Need to Use Pour Over Method

Pour-over maker is much more difficult to be perfect in making a great cup of coffee, and some people really dislike the drink made by a pour-over beginner.

chemex on the weights

The Best for Permanent Tourists

AeroPress is free of BPA, and it makes it environmentally friendly. But there are also plastic-free pour-over devices, for example, Chemex, a ceramic Melitta, Hario V60, or Kalita.

Another option that is important for travelers is being compact and light. And AeroPress coffee maker is here to come. It’s sturdy and hard to break, and at the same time light-weighted. You can take this great brewer wherever you go.

Brewing Variability

The pour over method allows making the flavor of coffee beans shine in every good cup of coffee you brew perfectly. This way to brew the drink you love is appreciated by many coffee lovers all over the world.

Pour over devices are highly recommended if you would like to get the best traditional cup of coffee, free from impurities.

If you prefer an espresso or a cappuccino, it’s better for you to choose the Aeropress option.

Aeropress vs Pour Over: Some Final Remarks

Paper Filter

Aeropress could provide richer flavor and heavier mouthfeel with a metal filter that would let more of the oils into your cup. Why many customers like it so much are because it is reusable.

In fact, AeroPress paper filters could also be used repeatedly. It’s just necessary to rinse the used filters and let them dry.

Pour-over filters trap the fines and insoluble oils ad ensure proper extraction of coffee beans with intrinsic flavor.

Aeropress vs Pour

Additional equipment

Pour-over is not so suitable for travelers because of another reason, which is rather serious. As a rule, several pieces of additional equipment are required. They include a scale, a package of large filters, a decanter, a timer, a coffee grinder, and a kettle.

While AeroPress needs a grinder only. Or you may take grounds from home. Store it carefully for them to keep all the flavor of your favorite beans.


To conclude, there are a few points to remember.

Pour over process takes practice and precision, AeroPress is much easier to use. ·

Pour over is great for highlighting the flavor profile of a given coffee bean, AeroPress is great to get your good coffee fast and portable.

I hope you found this Aeropress vs Pour Over review useful.

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So, make good coffee with your Aeropress or Pour Over device and feel the difference!

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