Best Keurig K130 Coffee Machine: True Feedback from Customers

Keurig K130

Are you looking for the best brew machine that is easy to use, always available for shipping, could provide you delicious coffee you really love, and has the best technical specifications?

The model we describe could be the best choice for many customers as they love Keurig k130 to be compact, user-friendly, and a great help either at home, in the office, or the hotel when you would like to have a cup of delicious coffee, free of foreign odors.

You know, it’s great when some machines or devices like Keurig k130 in-room brewing machine could satisfy your requirements fully. Almost every person dreams to have a chance to find some automatic device that would add more comfort to their life, provide an opportunity to save time but would cost less than any other simple appliance like that.

It could be at least some single cup coffee device that would provide you with one cup of five stars’ coffee, be helpful when you are in a hurry or vice versa when you would like to enjoy a cup of coffee being alone after all your relatives left for school or work…

 Keurig k130 K-Cup

Keurig the Brand Worth to Consider

Being one of the most recognizable brands in the coffee industry, and the only brewer that provides

single-serve, it may turn not only be the best but the most reasonable option to choose. What else, it is the model everybody may afford, including even students.  It’s simple, but it performs all its functions in the best way.

Among other single-cup coffee machines, k130 is a single-serve coffee maker, a leader among compact coffee machine class, a kind of a new brand coffee maker that is suitable for both traveling and making ice tea and home use.

This verified brewer honored the attention of customers due to its high-quality technical features and ability to meet the desires of the most choosy and demanding clients that want their coffee machine to be not only helpful but good-looking and take almost no place. As well as customer-friendly.


Many housekeepers would like their coffee machines to have a mug big enough for a few full portions of coffee, for the item to be easy to use, and instructions simple to follow, for the descriptions to be represented in pictures and (that is one of the most common demands that could add stars to some device) to be black in color, that means to support the design of the interior in the same color.

According to customers’ reviews, this single-serve coffee maker is an awesome and fantastic item.

Making a single cup at a time could prevent the system from water sittings. Everyday use of K130 does not degrade its technical features absolutely. You would always be able to get an auto-produced single coffee cup, full of original freshly ground scent and excellent for any guests to express your hospitality.

You know, one cup of flavored coffee could provide you with a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the morning. So, it’s worth spending some money for k130 in a room to get a fragrant coffee cup, to demonstrate your hospitality, to make your guests feel at home, and to enjoy one cup of your favorite drink when you are tired after a long day of cleanup.

Technical Options of K130 in Room Brewing System

K130 is considered to be so verified, reliable, and well-constructed. Keurig k130 in room could be used in hotels where the load is much higher compared with households. A convenient K-Cup system saves your time a lot. All you have to do is just pop in the K-Cup and start brewing. Brewing tea, cocoa, or some ice drinks is another great option available. It is rather helpful for any housekeeper.

There is almost no chance to misuse this machine as some instructions in the pictures are available,

Mug sensors and automatic shutoff functions are used, and the reservoir could be filled with only 8oz. of water enough for one serving. Except for having a simple but ergonomic shape and some very useful functions, the K130 single-serve coffee maker needs minimal clean-up.  Keurig k130 in room could serve for years, even if used in some offices, all the day long. Keurig quality and the best price is the most valuable characteristic this model provides.

Dunkin' Original Blend K-Cup

Keurig K130 Reviews of the Customers

Let us give some details our clients emphasized.

Even with heavy daily usage, this item could be used for years without any need to be repaired. It is easy to operate and makes a cup of coffee for you rather fast (Mary).

K130 can brew one 8-ounce cup in about three minutes and has a single-use water reservoir. So, you could make a cup of coffee not having any effort (Jane).

Keurig mug sensors prevent any accidental spills. You do not need to clean the glass pots of that brewer. I hate cleaning, but here maintenance is really easy. No carafe or drip basket so clean (John).

Liked the two colors available: black and silver. Both suit my interior ideally. But black product deserves five stars. I would shop for this coffee maker in case I wanted a kind of economic option used without any mess or fuss (Alice).

The Best brewer for a Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker

K130 K-Cup In Room Brewing System

Fast and efficient. Keeps a great taste. At least, what goes best with one cup of tea or coffee? Another cup. I highly recommend this machine to everybody (Jack).

A great problem for me is having no programming features as I got used to lots of gadgets surrounding me in everyday life. But you know, I got used to it, especially because I am a bachelor, and a cup of coffee this machine can produce in the morning is enough in size and satisfactory in taste for me. But in case my friends come I could easily brew several cups of coffee in less than ten minutes while having a small talk with my guests (Martin).

Keurig K130 Summary

I am an analyst, and I see both sides of the coin. First, I read Keurig k130 in-room brewing machine descriptions and reviews. Then I got familiar with some technical specifications like a special water sensor and controlling function, which is rather helpful.

And I discovered some people believe that having one single cup of coffee at the moment is convenient while others believe it is a kind of disadvantage. I disagree with both of them. We could enjoy every moment of our life and like all the opportunities we are provided with.

Moreover, the price is affordable. and such a single-serve coffee maker is always helpful because the time you spend to clean it is so small, but the product you get is rather commendable. You will love their coffee maker as I did! (Mark).


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